Our Promise & SOP

Our Promise

All our coffees are roasted at our factory at Muar, Johor. Currently, we roast twice a week on Monday and Thursday, all orders for that week only. This way, we never keep stock, so we can ensure we bring you only the freshest, tastiest coffee in the market. Our freshness guarantee is that your coffee will be roasted to order and sent out no more than 48 hours after roasting! That’s as fresh as it gets!

Our Standard Operating Procedure

We employ a style of roasting that highlights and brings out the unique flavours and characteristics of each different coffee. Coffee roasting is both a science and an art. We will only roast lighter per request from customer who are enjoying coffee on optimal flavour profile of each coffee. That being said, we will do a darker roast for our normal SOP for espresso drinkers and those who prefer something bolder. From our experience, our customer especially Malaysian, they will prefer dark roasted coffee which as explained more bolder and less acidity. We need to fulfill the drinking culture at our country in order to serve a better service. Again, for those customer who really enjoy the medium roast and would like to retains more of the coffee beans true character are encourage to drop down their request and we will do our best to adjust the roasting formula.